SnakeBite Dos

Snakebit DosWhen ’scouting vacant land’ and you are bitten by a rattler, the key is to act fast in order to provide the best treatment and reduce the risk of venom reaching other parts of your body.

Call for help: Quickly make a 9-1-1 call or arrange for someone to take you to the emergency room.

Keep calm: While it is important for the person helping you remain calm, it’s even more important than you avoid getting frantic and panicky. If your heart starts to beat faster, this could increase the rate at which the venom will spread through your body.

Wash the bite: Use soap and water to throughly clean the site of the snakebite. This will wash away any venom left on your skin and reduce the risk of infection. If you have a snakebite kit with you, now is the time to get it out and follow the instructions provided.

Remove clothes and jewelry: It’s important to remove any tight fitting clothing or jewelry around the snakebite. This could restrict blood flow to certain body parts if swelling should develop around the bitten area. Items like rings and watches, which are usually fitted snugly to the skin, must be removed as soon as possible.

Immobilize the area: Keep the area as still as possible. If you can, make sure that the bitten area is kept at level that is lower than your heart. This restricts blood flow and keeps the venom from spreading quickly.

Apply a bandage: Wrap the area that is a few inches above the snakebite and not the bitten area itself. This will also help slow down the venom. Be sure the bandage is not too tight – you should be able to slip your finger under it.

Monitor vital signs: Watch for significant changes in your pulse rate and or breathing patterns, and be sure to report these symptoms to medical help.

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