Why use an Expediter?

‘time is money’

There is no magic to processing land use applications with a City or County government, but an expediter who has a broad level of knowledge and skill that most land professionals do not have, is the ‘go-to-person’ who should be consulted for assistance with such applications.

A competent expediter knows and understands the laws that govern the type of land use applications their clients need, and a good expediter will act as a consultant, often finding better, faster and less expensive ways to reach their client’s goals. While most City Staff at public counters really want to assist, they are often less experienced personnel and their knowledge is confined to only their particular job. They do not have the range of knowledge needed to provide clients with options and a clear overall picture of the intended build. For example, the Planning Staff will understand the Planning and Zoning Code procedures, but may not fully understand issues with other City Agencies.

A good expediter can and should act as the clients’ advocate, speaking at community meetings and before City officials who will actually make the final decisions. An expediter who only does the paperwork is not providing the best service a client needs to succeed. Technical aspects of filing paperwork, while important, are not the most crucial aspect to getting the necessary approvals.

While no expediter can guarantee the results of a particular case, good ones will be able to give an honest evaluation of the likelihood of success or failure, or offer possible alternatives, and most importantly, greatly increase a client’s chance of success.

I have been a realtor and real estate land specialist in Los Angeles for the past 15 years, creating opportunities for land-owners and Buyers by brokering vacant land throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. I can be contacted at sales (at) westsideland (dot) com and information can be obtained from www.westsideland.com

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